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Skipped a few days of updating. But you just have to be in the writing mood.

Amused to find myself yelling in my car at NPR while driving home yesterday afternoon. They announced that Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar; The Namesake) got a job at the White House as an associate director for the Public Liaison office. But that’s not all they revealed. They totally spoiled the ending of Kal Penn’s character, Lawrence Kutner, in his last episode of ‘House M.D.’! SPOILER ALERT!!!!

When it was revealed that Kutner committed suicide on Monday’s episode, I automatically yelled out, “DAMN YOU, NPR!!!” in frustration while my hands clenched the steering wheel.

I’ve only seen one episode of the latest season on Hulu and haven’t caught up on the rest. So, I thought I’d watch it on DVD when it came out, like I’ve done in the past. I liked Dr. Lawrence Kutner on the show. Sort of side tracked once in awhile, but he wasn’t spazzy nor arrogant as some other doctors are. And I don’t mean House. So anyone can understand my anger when I learned this abysmal fate of his character.

But I did get somewhat of a vindication while driving home, today. Listening once again to ‘All Things Considered,’ the reporters did mention they did receive a slough of outcries from fellow listeners for spoiling the episode. Obviously, I was not alone.

In other important matters today, the hijacking of an American cargo ship by Somali pirates has been the buzz. Just like Charlie Gibson described it in ‘World News’ it is playing out like a movie. I just can’t believe how the Americans and the Somali pirates had a hostage on each side after reportedly the Americans retaliated back from the initial siege. Unfortunately, the pirates didn’t hold up their end of the deal when both agreed to release their hostages in exchange. Now, the captain of the ship is potential ransom and the government is doing their best to send the Navy. Hopefully, this will have an optimal outcome.

Just like TV news … let’s jump into something totally unrelated and not-so-depressing so we can easily forget about the world!😀

Saw this on Richard Roeper’s blog and could not stop laughing.

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